Thank you Anthony! I am eternally grateful for a beautiful video that has been viewed throughout the world and continues to receive accolades and acclaim.”

Carl Navarro

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Look for in Hiring a Videographer

A professional videographer should be a master of a complex and challenging combination of techniques, technology, and taste. A videographer’s task is to deliver the project in question in the most effective and accessible manner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TV commercial, a training video, a documentary, or a special event, the final product should reflect the client’s personality and goals, while COMMUNICATING the material in the best appropriate manner.


Past Experience
This constitutes training, previous similar work, and references.

A Videographer's Style
Ask to see samples of your candidate’s work. A videographer SHOULD have either a demo reel they can send you, or a website you can visit at your leisure — with sample clips — or even better, BOTH!

A Videographer's Personality
He might be Federico Fellini, but if you find a videographer’s personality and interactions with you abrasive, you might want to consider someone you feel would be easier to work with. During the production process, you will be interacting a great deal.

The Quote
Any videographer worth their salt should be able to present a carefully thought-through quote for their services for your particular project. More often than not, costs will be higher than you expect. Why? Consider the cost of equipment, maintenance, tape stock, transportation, the time spent developing the project, at the actual shoot, and the editing process afterward. Creating a polished, professional video takes a great deal of expertise, planning, experience, and time.

What is a reasonable cost?
Industry standards right now hover around the $150 per hour rate. This tends to be a good benchmark, but (depending on the project, of course) most videographers can also quote you a package fee for an entire project. Most videographers are not psychic, however, and possible cost overruns should be addressed prior to going to contract. Communication during the project is essential in order to keep both parties on the same page at all times.

We’re always happy to discuss any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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