The video that ABVP produced of our cabaret show at the Oak Room in the Algonquin Hotel was superb! They did an outstanding job capturing the ambience and our music. Thanks, Anthony, for a great job!”

Jim Miller, President
Miller Global Properties, Denver CO


Your professionalism and patience have made you a pleasure to work with on the day of our event at the United Nations, as well as, through the video making process. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Marjorie I. Abalos, Co-Chair
The Committee for World Peace
Kansas City, KS

Video archive

When I create promotional materials, ABVP will always be my first call.”

Ben Toth, Composer, NYC


ABVP is a family-owned, full service video production house specializing in private commissions. Based in New York City, our clients are located around the world and range from high-end corporate and not-for-profit institutions to individuals needing video documentation. We pride ourselves in our interactive skills and our willingness to work with a client until the product matches their vision or needs.

At ABVP, we maintain a highly selective list of video and photographic specialists/consultants, writers, art designers and actors who we work with repeatedly for multidisciplinary, multi-camera and/or complex projects.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in our very professional and responsible yet easy-going interactive project management style. Besides commending us for timely and well-thought-out broadcast-quality projects, our clients consistently praise our interpersonal skills and willingness to work with their needs and aesthetic sense. An ABVP-produced video project always reflects the client’s individual personality or corporate culture. Professional production values and state-of-the-art digital equipment ensure that the final outcome can be broadcast with pride, on the internet, television, through private distribution, etc. DVD format will last, literally, for generations.

Corporate training and promotional pieces
We are regularly asked to produce B-roll, talking heads and training videos, promotionals and commercials for the corporate market. Our range of clients include the manufacturer of phones for the New York Stock Exchange, a specialty lighting fabricator, a medical publisher, an international arts organization, a high-end security provider, several public relations firms and a banking institution. Having worked many years within a corporate structure, Anthony Bellov interacts with corporate clients himself and understands their needs, deadline requirements and ways of working.

Demo reels
Demo reels are a special animal, requiring strict control of length but the right eye to include just what sells the artist, performer or product best. We pride ourselves in our painstaking standards in producing short, to-the-point demos that pitch the product well while maintaining the tone or spirit of the client.

Special event documentation
We are often called upon to document one-time special events. Whether it is a corporate awards presentation, a retirement party, a wedding, bar/t mitzvah, sweet sixteen – you name it, special event documentation requires experience and skill in order to document the spontaneous, unrehearsed activities that define an event and make it unique. Special editing skills are also required to put it all together into a video that is both entertaining and accurately reproduces the event for posterity.

Personal tributes and family history documentaries
This is a rapidly growing aspect of the personal video industry. More and more we find ourselves asked to produce these. These projects range from a personal life history to a tribute to the professional work of a retiring professional, and all the way to a 30-minute documentary relating five generations of a family’s history in the United States, narrated by the oldest living family member and using photographs and old film footage to illustrate. This is now one of the fastest growing categories of the specially commissioned video market.

We were first commissioned to produce a travelogue about the Swedish island of Gotland, in 2004 for a prestigious travel club in Westchester County (NY). Since then we have also produced documentaries of places as far away from each other as the Roman Countryside, a safari in Kenya, and the canyons of Arizona. Travelogues are ideal ways for the tourist industry to promote a location or to document a current way of life in a rapidly changing world. Our motto is: “Have camcorder, will travel!”

Children’s educational videos
Children’s video needs to be fun and fast moving while also teaching through appropriate content and presentation. Our roots are in children’s education. Anthony Bellov has a Master’s degree in Education from renowned Bank Street College of Education in NYC. After producing a number of archival videos for that prestigious institution, ABVP has gone on to work with a variety of educators documenting special education projects, children’s theater, and fun teaching projects such as "Metrobaby Manhattan" ( - an entertaining and informative video with live action, animation and puppets teaching children safety skills in an urban environment. Released in 2008, this video has been distributed internationally.

Live performances
Our camera people are skilled in capturing live performance in even the most difficult of settings. The best camera angles and audio are necessary to capture as fully as possible the one-time-only nature of a live performance. At ABVP, we have years of experience in this area and are there to advise the performing arts client before the performance in order to get the best results possible. We also understand the tight budgets in the performing arts field and work carefully to keep the project affordable and on deadline.

Building inspection and insurance documentation
Another growing aspect of video production is documenting building inspections. We have been on the construction sites documenting proper work procedures, with inspectors capturing proof of both repairs properly and improperly done, and have worked with the real estate industry to produce promotional pieces of high-end real estate. Video of the contents of a home or workplace is also requested by many insurance carriers and is often preferred to still photos.

ABVP also specializes in distinctive and creative montage/slideshows choreographed to music and set to narration and in specialty individual commissions.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and ideas. We’re always happy to discuss your projects and concepts.

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