Tribute Video

After I lost Israel Fishman, my partner of 32 years, to pancreatic cancer, I was experiencing an extremely difficult adjustment period. Knowing that all my efforts would be wasted if his memorial service were not properly recorded, I made one of the best decisions in my life; I contacted Anthony Bellov.

When I called Anthony, he immediately calmed me and reassured me that his part of this project would go smoothly. He was 100% correct! I am extremely proud of his affordable and very professionally produced memorial service video.

Thank you Anthony! I am eternally grateful for a beautiful video that has been viewed throughout the world and continues to receive accolades and acclaim.”

Carl Navarro
President, JCI Graphics

I’ve worked with ABVP professionally as a voiceover artist and then commissioned a family history documentary as a video project of my own. From both perspectives, I’m impressed with Anthony’s expertise, as well as his artistry and fluidity. Anthony takes his work beyond the technical and turns his products into works of art. He is simply amazing!”

Roberta Germaine, NYC

Frequently Asked Questions


The following are questions we have received pertaining to montage and slideshows in videos.

What are slideshows?
"Slideshows" (as we call them in the biz, although no one uses real slides anymore) run the gamut from very simple projects where images are just dropped into a track and music plays behind them, (often do-it-yourself projects) to complex short features with slides carefully choreographed and individually timed to a musical score, with special fades and effects, and particularly important images singled out for special emphasis. A narration (voiceover) by you or a significant person can be included if desired explaining why particular photos were chosen and what is being represented or giving special messages to the honoree. Titles are often included as well.

How much does a slideshow cost?
Naturally, the more complex a project, the more time required and the more that adds up in cost. Simple projects start at $300 and the more complex ones top out around $1500. Especially ambitious projects can run substantially more. Special package deals are also typical. If photos are pre-scanned and delivered on a disk to us, production time can be devoted to the project rather than preparation of the images, and substantial savings can be realized.

How long should the slideshow be?
We recommend a slideshow not run more than about 10 minutes maximum, though one project we completed at 12 minutes was very well received. Often the toughest thing about these projects is trimming away at the number of images — "editing" is always difficult, as I'm sure you know very well! The average number of stills per minute is between 6 and 9 images, so a 5 minute slideshow should average between 30 and 45 images, but we have produced slideshows where multiple images flashed by every two seconds and amounted to the hundreds. This, of course, is the exception, not the rule.

Can we give you original music?
Original music is fine if submitted as a CD, though it's best that the score be completed prior to beginning work on the slideshow as we find it best to build the images around the music rather than vice versa. Naturally, commercial recordings can be used as well — often a client has a particularly meaningful song(s) they wish to include because of important shared memories or meaning.

How long does it take to complete a slideshow?
A slideshow project can be completed in less than a week's time, though we advise it be done well in advance, so attention can be paid to more pressing matters as the big event looms ever nearer.

What format is the final product in?
Generally, the final project is delivered on DVD. In DVD format, the video will last literally forever, and you can have multiple copies made if you wish to give them as gifts or keepsakes. Do you plan to "screen" the video to an audience either at the event itself or sometime prior? We can advise you on options for how to show the project if that is desired.

Can we see samples?
We are happy, upon request, to supply you with a “demo reel” showing examples of past projects and some of the many options you might want to consider. You may also access demos through that section of this website.

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