It was such a pleasure to work with Anthony for our wedding video! He was unobtrusive on the big day and our video is spectacular! He captured everything without us even knowing he was there. Thanks Anthony!”

Eric & Vanessa F., Bohemia, NY

Baptism Video

Putting together the right team for an event takes knowledge of who will care as much as you do. In working with Anthony Bellov Video Productions, I am assured my clients will be satisfied and that the process will not be intrusive or distracting to the emotional moments so important to capture. True professionals who click in more ways than one!”

Dianne B Devitt, CMP
Executive Producer/Creative Consultant
The DND Group, NYC

Baptism Video

I always recommend ABVP to my clients who are in need of a videographer. Anthony has a talent for relaxing his subjects as they are being recorded and knows how to bring the best out in them.”

Margaret Fox, Sleepy Hollow

Anthony was efficient, professional and patient. I would recommend ABVP to anyone.”

Carla Feinstein, Program Liaison
Feldenkrais Guild of North America
Portland, OR

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Events and Weddings

The following are questions we have received pertaining to weddings and special events.

Why should we choose you for our wedding or special event video?
Along with our corporate and documentary work, ABVP has extensive experience video-documenting special, one-time-only, life events. This experience allows us to anticipate special requirements and capture unexpected happenings that can’t be foreseen. Our fees are reasonable for our work and professionalism and the final product will be in good taste, carefully edited and crafted, and an entertaining video document that will recreate the day truthfully and beautifully for many generations to come.

Will you capture all the usual happenings of the day (i.e. the toasts, our dance, the dances with our parents, the cake-cutting and all the entrances at the beginning of the reception, etc.)?
Absolutely. That is exactly what we do. We also keep our eye open for those special happenings and moments that make your day unique.

Should we consider multiple cameras?
Depending on the nature of your project, we will recommend multiple cameras if we feel they are mandated. For weddings specifically, we always recommend a second camera at the ceremony itself. One camera cannot capture the ceremony from angles allowing both spouses’ faces, hands, reactions, comments, etc. to be captured. One camera also can’t look away from the ceremony unfolding and capture the reactions of guests and loved ones at particularly emotional moments. Of course, a second cameraperson is an additional fee and budgets need to be taken into account.

Where do you normally set up your camera for a wedding ceremony?
We highly recommend that you give us the contact name and number of the supervisor at the ceremony’s location. Various churches, temples, halls and special venues have requirements and restrictions as to what a videographer can and can’t do. It is very useful to know these things in advance. For performances and other special events, it is wise to arrange for the videographer to see the venue in advance in order to determine the best possible set-up points.

Do you go around to each table and ask people to make a comment or wish for us, etc.?
This is up to you and also partially on limitations of the space the event is being held in. It does tend to flesh out the reception footage and helps make your video especially unique and special to you. Years from now, it will be poignant and precious to see and hear the love and wishes of dear ones who are no longer here. Of course, you may target certain people — parents, grandparents, special friends, etc. or forego this option completely as you wish.

We plan to leave after the guests. Can we end the video by getting into the limo and driving away?
A good closing is always great to have in any event video project. We can even stage the departure in advance if for some reason (budget, logistics, event running late) we can't shoot the actual departure. It’s often best to shoot this at some lull in the reception if possible. Staging the departure allows the cameraperson to leave as scheduled and saves you cost overruns.

If the event runs late or we add additional features to the final video, will there be additional fees?
Your fees are based on a precise formula calculating the expenses needed to maintain a state-of-the-art video production company, the expenses required to produce a video from rough footage through to finished edit and the time, expertise and artistic sense of a trained, experienced professional cameraperson and editor. Once your contract is mutually approved and your deposit received, additional features and extra time requested are based on an hourly rate.

Can we get a guarantee that a particular cameraperson will videotape our event?
A broad range of variables prevents us from being able to definitively guarantee that any particular cameraperson will be able to capture your event. A storm, auto breakdown, or illness could prevent one particular cameraperson from attending. While every effort will be made to ensure that the cameraperson originally scheduled/requested for your event will in fact be there, rest assured that ABVP maintains an updated list of the best video professionals in the wider Tri-State Area. A consummate professional will be there ready to document your special day in a video that will, literally, last for many future lifetimes.

Can you capture special live performances at our event?
One of our specialties is documenting live performances. We are fully equipped to capture special performances and presentations at your event, but will need to consult with you in advance in order to determine what is needed in terms of equipment and crew.

Can you plug into the audio system at our venue?
We are often asked to plug into “the board” at special events. Please be aware that this thereby renders that particular camera stationery for the duration of the plug-in. Consulting with us well in advance is in order for special options like this.

Can you provide special broadcast/projection equipment, lighting, etc? Can you recommend a photographer and other special event professionals as well?
We regularly work with a broad range of video, photographic, audio and special event professionals. Furthermore, special packages can be arranged if we are asked to sub-contract other services for your event. We also have a broad range of lighting and projection equipment in stock and can arrange for additional equipment, generally at a substantial savings compared to venue fees. Consult with us well in advance in order to determine your best options.

Can you include photographs of us growing up and of our honeymoon in the final video?
As part of our standard edit, when available, we often fold in significant still photos shot by the event’s photographer into the video at the moment they occur in the sequence. We are frequently asked to build photo collages (“slideshows”) to show either at the event itself or to fold into the final edited video. Please consult the Slideshows FAQ for further details.

Are we able to select additional music for the video?
Absolutely, if appropriate. We can provide suggestions as well. Special requests or rare material may have to be provided on CD by you. Please be aware that responsibility for any improper use of copyrighted commercial recordings is assumed by you, the client.

How long after we give you the pictures of everything will we have the final copy?
We guarantee every special event project for a maximum of 6 weeks postproduction to delivery, barring unforeseeable delays. We make every effort to deliver more promptly than that — generally within a month.

Will our video come in a “jewelbox” case with chapter names, etc and a picture of us?
Our events packages include a DVD master with photo label of either an image of your choice, a photo from the event, or an image of our choice taken from the video footage in a clear jewelbox or bookcover with artwork as to your preference. There is a small additional charge if we include additional special artwork and/or inserts, etc. All DVDs are chaptered and the chaptering appears on the main menu.

How much is each additional copy of the DVD if we decide to get extras?
Our events packages generally include one duplicate copy of the project, on an unlabeled disk, to anticipate temperamental or older DVD decks that sometime reject labeled disks. Additional duplicates are priced according to number requested. The more you request, the less per copy.

What happens if we don’t like the video or need adjustments?
Your events package contract will state that you have the option, within a given length of time, to review your project for errors and other problems with the edit. We will review the project and, within reason, make corrections and amendments and produce a new DVD for you, at no additional cost.

What happens if I don’t like the final project or if there are mistakes such as misspellings of titles, etc.?
We are committed to delivering the best possible finished project to each and every one of our clients. ABVP’s clients include high-end corporates, designers, events organizers, performing artists, haute-couture houses and documentary film producers. We consider every client to be our most important one. In your contract, we build in a review process, which allows you a chance to change, omit, correct or add to the final product if it is at all possible and within reason. We can’t be responsible for adverse conditions such as weather, poor lighting or audio conditions in the venue, etc. but even here we try to plan in advance for such variables and be prepared for them with auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Can we receive a guarantee that a particular videographer will record the event, or edit the final product?
ABVP maintains a highly selective and often-updated list of collaborators for the possibility that we have multiple-bookings for a particular date. If a particular professional is promised you for your event, every effort will be made to assure that he/she is the recorder of that event. However, people get sick or injured, weather might interfere with travel options, or something unforeseen might occur and there is a slight chance that we will need to substitute your “shooter” with someone else — who will be just as qualified and talented. Many people request Anthony Bellov himself, and of course, he can only be in one place at a time.

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